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WannaCry ransomware-

WannaCry ransomware Removal Tips (Uninstall WannaCry ransomware)

WannaCry ransomware is an updated version of Shark, Ransomware as a Service, that appeared in July. Ransomware as a Service lets regular users create their own versions of ransomware viruses. When the virus reaches a computer, it looks for certain files and encrypts them, making them unreadable. Once the process is complete, a ransom note appears on the screen saying that your files are locked and can only be opened using a decryption key. In order to get the decryption key, the user must pay the hackers. – How to remove?


What is is presented as a genuine search tool, but we suggest that you do not judge its trustworthiness from its appearance because it is misleading. Specialists analyzing bad software have found that is one of the browser hijacker infections, so it will not do anything to improve the user’s browsing experience. Actually, even its search results (yes, it returns them like legitimate search providers do) cannot be trusted because they are full of commercials. Because of their presence, users might experience problems. The chances of experiencing problems become higher and higher with every day, so delete from browsers today. You should notice that this browser hijacker has altered the settings of all your browsers. It should not touch Safari and EDGE only.



About is a browser hijacker, sometimes referred to as a redirect virus. Hijackers are not very dangerous but they can still cause a lot of annoyance. They aim to redirect you to sponsored content and that is why it changes your browser’s settings. It will set a different homepage without your permission and you will be stuck with it until you get rid of It should be noted that most of the redirects you will experience may be harmless but some could bring about a malware infection. The hijacker is not worth the trouble so we suggest you remove If you are wondering about how it managed to enter your computer, it used the bundling method, which means that you allowed it to get in yourself.

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What is is a browser hijacker presented for users as a legitimate search provider. It is categorized as a hijacker by specialists due to its ability to change browser’s settings without the user’s knowledge. The changes users should notice after the infiltration of this infection is a new homepage and a default search provider, but it is also capable of altering New Tab page settings too. Have you encountered these changes already? Uninstall


What is is a website presented for users as a search tool; however, users who encounter it should not expect that this search tool will somehow improve their web searching experience because it has been developed to promote third-party pages primarily. No, you will not see any pop-up advertisements coming from it, but if you use it for a longer time, you will definitely encounter sponsored search results. Redirect Removal


What is (also known as The First search engine) falls into the category of browser hijackers. It is targeted towards Russian-speaking computer users, however, it does not differ much from other apps of this type. It affects all popular browsers by modifying their settings, inserting ads into the pages that you open, causing redirects to its sponsors, and more. There is nothing useful about the hijacker as its only goal is to make money off of you. We advise that you get rid of as soon as you can.

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What is Redirect?

If your web browser keeps opening a website with advertisements or other content, there is no doubt that Redirect is causing those problems. Redirect is closely associated with adware, so users who experience the Redirect every day should check their computers. Adware programs use Redirect to expose users to the commercial content, so you will, undoubtedly, be presented with advertisements promoting all kinds of products. To delete Redirect, i.e. to stop commercials from being displayed within your web browser, you need to go to find an adware installed on the computer and then erase it fully. You cannot do anything else for now, so we suggest taking action today. Since adware might be stubborn type of malicious software, do not expect to implement the Redirect removal easily too, but do not worry – we are ready to help you.

Win32.Malware-gen – How to remove?


What is Win32.Malware-gen?

Win32.Malware-gen is general term used to refer to a number of malicious programs that can infect the 32-bit Windows operating system. The parasite’s behavior may somewhat differ depending on the version of the malware. In most cases, however, the malware aims at stealing your personal details. It may also drop other malign components onto your PC, disrupt your browsing, stop some of your programs from working, and so on. There is no question that if you have this parasite in your system, you should get rid of Win32.Malware-gen without hesitation.

Remove StartPageing123 Virus

StartPageing123 Virus Removal Tips (Uninstall StartPageing123 Virus)

StartPageing123 Virus is a dubious search engine and a browser hijacker. It is a very common computer infection that spreads through software bundles. Most users have ended up with at least one of these at some point because they were not aware of the fact that browser hijackers can be added to free software. If you did install StartPageing123 Virus, you do not need to worry too much. It is not a malicious computer virus so it will not harm your computer directly. However, you will soon notice that it does not belong on your system.

Remove UC Browser

UC Browser-

Advices on UC Browser Removal (Uninstall UC Browser)

UC Browser is a browser that presents itself as a tool that can improve users’ browsing experience. It is a tool that works on Android devices primarily, so it is not very likely that PC owners will ever have it installed on their devices. UC Browser claims that it saves mobile data by effectively compressing it, and it is the best browser that exists today, so it is not surprising that a number of people install it on their phones voluntarily. If you are one of these users, you should know that UC Browser is not what it seems to be.