STOPzilla is a trustworthy anti-malware application that can detect, block and remove malicious programs from your PC. It is capable of dealing with Trojans, spyware, ransomware, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted software, adware and so on. STOPzilla was created by iS3, Inc. and is intended for consumers as well as small businesses. It has a number of positive features that will be discussed below. The anti-virus program has a user-friendly interface and is well organized. After its installation is complete, you can scan your system and detect all threats that are on it. You will then be able to use STOPzilla to remove all of those threats from your computer. This security tool will also make sure that your computer stays clean and safe by providing you with real-time protection.



STOPzilla features

One of the most important features of STOPzilla is its scanner. The creators of the anti-virus program state that the scanner goes deep into the computer system and efficiently analyzes all data. STOPzilla is constantly updated, so it can detect and delete even the newest threats. And in case you have any problems with malware removal, you can contact STOPzilla Customer Support. The great thing about it is that it is completely free of charge and that you can use online chats to do it. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for you to solve any computer issues that you may have.



Another important aspect of STOPzilla is its advanced pop-up blocker. Fake alerts and advertisements may appear on your screen even if your system is infection-free. The anti-malware tool can block all unwanted pop-up ads regardless of their content. We should also mention that STOPzilla can stop malicious applications from dropping additional harmful programs onto your PC and stealing your personal data by killing malicious processes and recognizing rootkits before they can affect your system.



Download STOPzilla

You should download STOPzilla if you want to have a reliable anti-malware utility safeguarding your computer. The software is perfectly compatible with other security tools that you may have installed. It can prevent malicious applications from entering your PC by warning you of unsafe web content. It can also clean your system if it is already infected by scanning, detecting and eliminating all suspicious programs. STOPzilla has received excellent reviews from popular PC magazines and software hosting sites. It is certified by West Coast Labs and Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop. You can download the free trial version before you purchase the full version of the powerful anti-malware tool.

Download STOPzilla